Best in Show

Aaron Goodman

“The Logo design for QAALEEN really was exceptional. It was at once exotic and intriguing. When you saw the logo on the store window, you didnt' even care what they sold… you just wanted to walk in and see for yourself. It did a wonderful job of creating a rich upscale brand image.”

Aimee Contois

“From the first instant I saw the Qaaleen logo, I had such a fondness for it. The way this Persian pattern was crafted into the shape of a Q was remarkable. The addition of the flower for the tail is so sweet – it was seamlessly designed. It’s a logo, an icon, and it provides the viewer a strong perception of what this company is. It’s not often a logo can capture what the company is/does without explanation. If the execution of this logo wasn’t already beautiful enough, it would work in a multitude of colors and in both small and large scale. Bravo!”

Dwayne Lutchna

“I thought this piece was really beautiful and memorable. It spoke to the brand and product in a very simple and elegant way. No easy task.”

Sarah Foley

“The Quaaleen logo for a Persian rug company immediately stood out in the first round of judging. It was easily the most beautiful and well-crafted mark. For me, the balance of ornate detail and an easy-to-read typeface immediately communicated the history behind the design. The execution of the mark (produced in gold for the store front window), solidified the thoughtfulness behind the mark's design.”

Benjamin Bours

“This mark rose through the ranks very quickly. And by the time it was in contention for Best In Show, it took very little deliberation to crown it the winner. Everything about it is pleasing: the flora, the various weights of the interlocking stems, the symmetry of it all. The mark is simultaneously soft and bold, and could exist in lace just as easily as it could be wrought from iron. The word mark carries that same dual quality, being rendered in a simple yet strong typeface. It also helps that it is such an interesting word that is kerned impeccably. You can tell it is deeply rooted in asian culture, the influence is there, but it is decidedly modern and restrained in a beautiful way.”