Judges' Awards

Aaron Goodman

Dog Days

“As a photo-illustrator, I know how difficult and important it is to create a brand for yourself. Why should the client hire you over the other couple thousand artists out there? You have to be selling a unique point of view. This student not only showed a clever illustration with subtle layers of humor, but it was done in a confident style that clients would be able to recognize across a body of work. The combination of style and substance made it one of my favorites in the show.”

Aimee Contois

Structural Graphics New Year's Card

“Immediately after viewing this piece, I had to discuss it with others. It was clever, fun, interactive, and the possibilities for this concept are endless. I kept playing with the “viewing glass” and revisited this item several times after voting for it – I had to see how it worked. It’s not often you see something new and this to me was a fresh idea. I would love to have this concept enlarged and hung on my wall, that’s how much I adore this piece.”

Dwayne Lutchna

NFA - The Future is Now

“I love how fun and sincere this campaign feels. They basically just filmed short clips and testimonials of students and student life around campus and edited them together. It's so simple, and yet works brilliantly. It doesn't feel over polished or scripted. There are no actors or studio lighting. They just went out there with a camera and documented actual lives, inside and outside of the classroom.”

“I also love that the personalities of the students were able to come through and that they didn't edit out all the little nuances, like the girl who talks through her smile or the boy who talks through his braces. That's the stuff that makes it feel genuine and honest; what makes it beautiful. These are actual students, and they all look happy and engaged. Overall, I get a real sense of what it's like to go to school here, and it's a very positive feeling. Not to mention this catchy tune that ties the whole campaign together. I've been humming and whistling it ever since!”

Sarah Foley

“The clock app stood out for its simplicity and color palette before I understood how the application worked. After a closer look, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a timepiece created as a dedication to a specific horologist – someone who works with clocks. It is a creative way to show time passing using type and color. I only wish I could download it for use in my everyday life!”

Benjamin Bours

Color Blends Crate Packaging

“I swear this isn't because I'm a Dutchman. There is so much more to it. Many of the projects that the judges looked at over the course of two days were of similar dimension, medium and subject. Then, towering over everything else, comes this enormous cardboard canvas with a printed line pattern rendition of a famous Dutch painter paired with fun, modular typography and iconography. To me, this project was a breath of fresh air! It wasn't immediately obvious to me what the use of this honking piece of cardboard was, so learning that it's a cover for a shipping container just blew me away. Here you're taking one of the most mundane, prefabricated objects in the world and making it interesting and useful--without even changing the structural design. And without color!”