The Richard Hess Spirit of Creativity Award

Aaron Goodman

“It was a wonderful Illustration… everywhere you looked at it you saw new details.”

Aimee Contois

“This award was the one where our views weren’t instantly aligned. Creativity is very subjective and differs for everyone. We went through rigorous rounds of verbally fighting for our chosen pieces; there was some arm wrestling – I even have flashbacks of rock, paper, scissors – but in the end, we all agreed that the robot theme from last year’s CADC Awards was downright creative. This piece fell into the category of, &lquo;I wish I would have thought of that.&rquo; It’s a very entertaining, witty design and an extremely innovative way of portraying the title of the show, Innovation Over Automation.”

Dwayne Lutchna

“There's so much imagination in this piece. When I thought about the "Spirit of Creativity" award, this one immediately stood out to me. It's one of those projects where you can tell whoever worked on it just took some liberties and had a bunch of fun. From the illustrations, to design, to the small lines of copy that are like hidden Easter Eggs — there's a playfulness that really comes across and makes me smile.”

Sarah Foley

“This award was our hardest decision to make as a group. We had had quite the debate — but came up with one piece we all agree deserved the Richard Hess Spirit of Creativity Award. The CADC 2013 Awards Show Site opens with all of the makings of the spirit of creativity. It is well-branded, well-written, user friendly, works seamlessly over many platforms, and above all is beautifully illustrated.”

Benjamin Bours

“This was a really tough one to judge, and the deliberation lasted the longest out of any project we saw. Not because of it's creative merits, but because there were several projects in contention for this award that came from very different creative directions. The discussion even veered towards the actual definition of creativity, what it means to be truly creative, and in the end, we agreed that this project is a direct embodiment of that word. It's a beautifully cohesive suite; The illustrations are sharp, colorful and chock full with a sense of humor, going above and beyond the typical suite of assets that you would normally have for an awards show.”

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